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2022 Queens

Lanie Petersen

2022 IRHA Sr. Queen


Lilly Petersen

2022 IRHA Jr. Queen

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Queen Contest Information

Queens Page: News & Updates
Horse Stall


  • Contestant must have participated in the May 6 and 7, 2023 shows

  • Participate in both Saturday (June 17) & Sunday (June 18) of the Prairie Rose Arena show

  • Contestants must have been a past IRHA member

  • Winners will be required to participate in ONE additional IRHA show in the current calendar year

  • Winners will also be eligible to participate in the Iowa State Fair Cowgirl Queen Contest (must be an Iowa resident to enter ISF contest) IRHA will not sponsor entry fees


Senior and Junior queens will be asked to split duties, which include but are not limited too.

  • Carrying the flag for the National Anthem at shows

  • Helping hand out awards at the annual award banquet

  • Participate in IRHA promotional events (example: Iowa Horse Fair)

  • Be available to assist at shows where needed

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