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General Show Information

General Show Information: News & Updates

Class and Entry Fees

Class Fees:

Open/Amateur $10

Novice $5

Sr./Jr. Youth $5

Walk/Trot $5

Yearling In-Hand Trail $5

Cattle Charges (per run):

Open/Amateur/Novice $20

Sr./Jr. Youth $15

$5 office fee (once per day per contestant)

$10 Nomination Fee (optional 1 time fee for points tracking and year-end awards)

Class Order




Novice Amateur

Senior Youth (Ages 14-18)

Junior Youth (Ages 13 & Under)

Walk/Trot (Ages 10 & Under)

Class Order:


Ranch Cutting

Working Cow Horse (Open)

Ltd. Working Cow Horse (Amateur)

Boxing (Novice Amateur & Youth)

Ranch Roping

Ranch Trail (Yearling In-Hand, Open, Amateur, Novice, Sr./Jr. Youth, Walk-Trot)

Ranch Riding

Ranch Horse Pleasure

(class order is subject to change based on arena conditions, weather, and other factors)

General Information

IRHA Membership required. Available for purchase at each event.

Entry Fee Payback is awarded in the Open and Amateur division. There will be no payback in Novice or Youth divisions. 

Not responsible for accidents or lost items

Call ahead to determine concessions and/or overnight facilities

Class schedule is subject to change due to weather/arena conditions 

Senior Youth - 14-18 as of January 1st of the show year.

Junior Youth - 13 & Under as of January 1st of the show year.

Walk/Trot - 10 & Under as of January 1st of the show year.

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